The best fitness equipment made in Australia

The market for fitness equipment can be often saturated with poorly-made, cheap gym equipment made in far off places with little to no regard for the end-user. This makes it hard to pick out high quality fitness equipment – for both commercial and home gyms. Luckily, we’ve found done all the research for you and have found the best fitness equipment made in Australia!

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to stock your home or commercial gym with fitness equipment, Brisbane-based online retailer AtomicMass is the place to go! AtomicMass manufactures high-quality, durable, and state of the art fitness equipment that is built tough. From dumbbells and kettlebells, to Olympic barbells, weighted vests and squat racks – AtomicMass has it all.

AtomicMass Ultimate Power Rack

AtomicMass also makes all of their own power racks and weight benches. The gym racks, flat benches, and adjustable benches all come with a lifetime warranty – if you break it, they’ll replace it! In addition to high quality fitness equipment and gym equipment, AtomicMass also sells a wide range of plyo boxes, suspension rings, weight racks and Olympic weight plates.

AtomicMass Half Rack with Weight Tree

About AtomicMass

Australian-owned and operated AtomicMass is a Brisbane-based gym and fitness equipment retailer. This top-notch gym equipment manufacturing and retail company is wholly owned by fitness enthusiast, Rob Dahlhaus.

After finding that the local Australian market severely lacked high quality and durable fitness equipment, Rob took it upon himself to start crafting his own DIY gym equipment for his own personal use. With over 25 years’ experience in the welding and fabrication industry, Rob had the expert skills and keen eye needed to create exceptional pieces of fitness equipment. He personally tested all of the prototypes he made and found that they were actually the most effective gym equipment had ever used! Due to the high quality materials and careful crafting, Rob’s prototype gym equipment was highly durable, effective and built tough.

AtomicMass Premium Weight Plate Set


Shortly after Rob started manufacturing his home gym equipment, he shared a video of his process on YouTube. The videos went viral and Rob soon gained a huge following of thousands of subscribers interested in purchasing their very own home gym & fitness equipment from Rob. Today, Rob’s passion has become AtomicMass – a high end producer of some of the highest quality affordable gym equipment available on the market.

Most of the materials for AtomicMass’ quality commercial gym and home fitness equipment are sourced right here in Australia. Furthermore, AtomicMass benches and strength racks are 100% Australian designed, built, and backed by a lifetime warranty – so you know it’s top quality fitness equipment!